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SingTel ONEOffice

Not only comprising of a suite of web-based office solutions that promises greater productivity and collaboration, SingTel ONEOffice offers 2 added on services, eSMS and eFax.

Let’s do a run-through of the various tools in ONEOffice SingTel.

  1. ONEOffice Email – For users familiar with Gmail, ONEOffice Email is very much similar. Offering 25GB mail storage space as compared to the 7GB storage space in basic gmail, users can get to store mails for up to 18 years as calculated in my previous post. Differentiating features from other competitor emails such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, is the ability to do email labeling as well as running a priority inbox. Both features allows you to sort and classify the thousands of mail. You can watch a video provided by Google on how Priority inboxes helps you make reading and sorting emails a less hassle thing to do. (Click here to open in another window)
  2. ONEOffice Talk – Built and integrated into ONEOffice Email, ONEOffice Talk allows users to conduct voice and video chats in groups. Businesses and employees can get to cut down on travel time as well as expenses, while having meetings or collaborating together on their own desktop.
  3. ONEOffice Calendar – If organizing events and finding other’s schedule has been a troublesome thing for you or your business, SingTel ONEOffice Calendar could be what you or your business just need. Individuals can set up calendars and share with others. With the ability to create and send invitations, you are able to track everyone responses in one place. No worries when it comes to event reminders, as ONEOffice Calendar allows you to receive reminders and notifications not only through email, but on your mobile via SMS.
  4. ONEOffice Docs – A key feature of today’s cloud computing platforms is the ability to collaborate together in real-time. With word processing, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, all compatible with Microsoft Office, users can share and edit documents together, which is more efficient that working individually. Traditional businesses processes involved users making multiple individuals revisions of the document and emailing it to and forth with collaborators, resulting in multiple versions and email that only seeks to confuse. With real-time collaboration offer by SingTel ONEOffice, business processes today are thus streamlined and conducted more efficiently. No more version 1, version 2, version 3…of documents anymore!
  5. ONEOffice Sites – A key feature of ONEOffice Sites is its ability to develop sites without any prior knowledge of coding. With many drag-and-drop widgets, users can easily develop a comprehensive site. ONEOffice Sites is specially developed for users and businesses to develop intranets and project sites, than for personal use. With access permissions build in to control who can view, access and edit the site, being integrated with the other collaboration tools in SingTel ONEOffice Suite, Sites allows your project teams or departments to build a centralized online place to capture and share events and knowledge.
  6. ONEOffice eSMS (Pay Per Use) – At S$ 0.0642 per SMS (includes GST), businesses is able to conduct eSMS marketing at an affordable scale. For those running on a budget, you will receive an email notification when usage level of eSMS has been exceeded.
  7. ONEOffice eFax (Pay Per Use) – At S$ 0.107 per minute (includes GST), eFax works the same as eSMS. Company and individual users will get to receive a email notification when usage has exceeded.

The pricing for SingTel ONEOffice is as follows:

ONEOffice |

It is on the high side for pricing when compared to other cloud platforms. However, cloud services are very scalable, you only pay for what you need. At the end of the day, SingTel ONEOffice is still very much cheaper than on-premise solutions, with research showing that it helps to reduce costs by up to 91%.

Here are a couple of useful links to get started on whether SingTel ONEOffice is for you



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